Ahmad Ruiz
Hey, my name is Ahmad Ruiz and this is my portfolio. What is Pickleball? The pickleball is a racquet sport that is played using a special perforated ball, with a net similar to that of tennis and on a track of dimensions equivalent to those of a badminton court. It is played with a shovel larger than that of ping pong and smaller than that of paddle tennis. The ball is taken from below, that is, by moving the paddle below the waist in an upward motion, without the ball bouncing on the court. A game is won by the player or team that reaches eleven points, with two points of difference. The points are obtained only by the player who has performed the service and take place when the opponent fails - fails to return the ball, returns it off the court, etc. (See List of Fouls below). No-Volley Zone The "volley" is the blow given to the ball before this pot on the ground. The non-volley zone is an area that extends 2.13m on both sides of the net. It is not allowed to make a volley hit in the no-volley zone. This rule creates longer plays avoiding the players to finish from that zone. When a volley is made, the player can not step on the line of the non-volley zone or be inside it. If it did, it would be missing. Likewise, it will be lacking if the player's momentum causes anything the player has on him or her to end up touching the non-volley zone. It is a foul even if the ball has been called out before the player touches the area. It is not a foul if the player gets in the area to hit a ball that has already bounced on the court. If a player, after a volley, jumps over the no-volley zone and lands off the court, it will not be considered a foul. In the case of playing on a badminton court, the no-volley zone will extend 1.98m on both sides of the net, instead of 2.13m. Double Boat Rule After the service it is necessary to let the ball bounce before returning it to the other side of the court. In other words, the team that must do the rest is obliged to allow the ball to bounce once, and the team that has drawn must let the rest of the opponent bounce in their field in the same way. After the two boats have respectively occurred, volleys can be made or the ball can bounce.

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